Based out of Seattle, WA, Daniel Newsome has been a professional teacher, performer, DJ, historian, and avid social dancer since 1996. He is considered a preservationist and an innovator in Lindy Hop, Aerial Dance, Blues, Balboa, Shag, Tap, and more. Daniel learned from many teachers of both the modern and original swing era to become a fixture in the national competitive scene. He has won at major national competitions such as the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Midwest Lindy Fest, Reno Dance Sensation, National Jitterbug Championships, and the Rhythmic Arts Festival. His clear coaching style puts him in front of thousands of students every year.

He also co-founded, choreographed, and coached teams such as Rainier Rhythm and 23 Skidoo, Denver`s nationally recognized swing team. He has won many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team titles almost annually for over a decade. He is dedicated to sharing the history, artistry, and music of the jazz era, recently choreographing a number for an off-Broadway show. Daniel`s lifelong pursuit is touching as many lives as possible with the beauty and artistry of Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, Blues, Solo Jazz Dance, Ballroom, and Tap. Daniel believes that the best dancer is the one having the most fun and aims to make his students the best dancers out there.


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